Friday, May 15, 2015

Searching for answers...

I was working for a client today and another associate of the business came into the room and wanted to ask me a question.  So I stopped and let them tell me what they wanted.  The customer knew what they wanted but didn't quite know if what they wanted was possible.  The other associate in the room who's computer I was working on at the time had a puzzled look on his face.  He says, "How did you know what they wanted so quickly.  I didn't even understand what she wanted!"

You see, questions like these keep me sharp!  I love them!  It shows that the customer is thinking and wants to make things better!  That's often the first step we all need to realize.  Change.  It's a six letter word, but sometimes people think it's only spelled with four!  It doesn't come easy but without it we are stuck.

Just a few minutes later and I had the new phone system ( configuration changes complete.  I'd rebuilt the call routing for this client, tested to make sure it worked and had taken a training video for the client to know and understand how the systems works better for them!

It was a great day to see a client happy and see change at work!

Don't be afraid of change!  It can help you make things better and so can Bents Consulting!  Call or email us today at 515-451-6485!

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